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The K9 Bridle is a Vet Endorsed Product!

"The K9 Bridle gives me much greater control of my 30kg Labrador, Digby, during training, walks and in social situations. Unlike other systems on the market, the K9 bridle design means Digby's head is not repeatedly pulled to one side and the quality of craftsmanship means superior durability.

Digby is noticeably more responsive to the K9 Bridle than he has been to other head control systems used previously.  I now recommend the K9 Bridle to all of my clients as an essential piece of equipment to give them better control and facilitate more productive training with their dogs.

Dr Samuel Jones BVSc Hons I

Veterinarian, Radio personality (91.7 ABC Gold Coast)

Professional Veterinary Care Director

Just to let you know how well behaved Alfie was this morning wearing his k9bridle. I wasn't being yanked here, there and everywhere for a change!! He's taken to it like a duck to water. Long may it continue"!!

"I bought a k9 bridle and as seen at crufts this year. What an absolute miracle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A most fantastic invention".
Lisette, Bradbury

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What does the K9 Bridle do?

The K9 Bridle works in a similar way to a bit-less bridle.

It gives the dog signals that he can easily understand without twisting the dog’s neck or riding into his eyes.

Designed primarily to stop dogs pulling on the lead it has proved to give amazing results with dogs that have behavioural and aggression issues, so saving many dogs from being sent for re-homing.

No strength is required by the handler making it ideal for people with disabilities.

The K9 Bridle is being used by many of the best trainers and re-homing centres throughout the UK & in the USA.

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 'Check out the latest in dog training equipment! The K9 Bridle is a revolutionary new concept that uses 4 in 1 pressure point control in a head halter device! No more pulling or uncomfortable walks with your dog! This revolutionary new concept uses back of the neck pressure point control. When used correctly, there is no discomfort or chafing and the straps do not ride up into the eyes of the dog.  Please check out the sizing charts so you can ensure you have the correct size for your dog! You will find the results amazing when you next take your dog for a walk! Fantastic for people with limited strength as the equipment definitely makes a difference!" Craig A Murray Training School, An international professional training organisation.

"I would like to thank you so much for the K9 Bridle. I have a 14 month old Irish Woldhound/Mastiff who is already just under 50kgs.  He is as strong as an ox and a big puppy.  I tried the choker chain and then a saddle in an effort to control him when we walked.  I am a big man of 100 kilos plus and he still would pull me along with him as he was just so playful and happy.  I will not let my wife walk him as she would not be able to control him..We bought the K9 Bridle but were very sceptical about it only due to the strength of Dallas.  I put the bridle on him today for the first time and am absolutely astounded by the results.  He did not pull once, walked by my side, sat when I told him and met people without being overexcited.  It was like he had been to school for 12 months. He was a changed dog.  I feel very confortable now about my wife walking him.  She was amazed when I shoed him walking,  I cannot thank you enough as it has changed our lives.  We can take him anywhere now without worrying about him and others around him." Peter & Karmen McKinley

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