K9 Bridle

Don't confuse the K9 Bridle with other training halters!

The K9 Bridle difference...

Fits comfortably around the face

The K9 Bridle design has a priority on the care and safety of your dog with no risk of pushing up into the eyes or restricting the mouth in any way.

Activates natural pressure points

Stimulates natural pressure points mothers use to calm and train puppies. Try it yourself, gently massage the hollows at the back of your dogs neck, and watch as they happily relax and calm down.

Results in happy and calm walks

As you walk with your dog the K9 bridle communicates gently and calmly in a way your dog understands. You can enjoy exercising and having calm, joyful walks!

Other dog halters...

Pushes up into their eyes and irritates their lips

Causing pain, skin irritation and hindering your dog’s vision and mouth movement.

Under chin control twists their neck

The dog is constantly being pulled in a side ways motion, which is confusing and frustrating to them. Yanking on your dog this way could lead to injury and discomfort.

Fights against your dog’s strength for control

Have been known to make certain dogs pull harder, because they feel their strength is being tested. Yanking on their neck will rarely result in them understanding a calm positive message to stay by your side.